“Marine Watermakers / Desalinators for boats are now compact, efficient and so reliable that everyone considering an extended trip should plan to install one”.

Sydney Marine Electrical are experts in the installation of Marine Watermakers / Desalinators in Australia, we service all models of water makers as well as supply consumables such as membranes and filters, rebuild pumps and maintain your equipment so you always have a supply of fresh water on-board your boat. Our team of trained marine electricians are well versed in the process of making fresh water from the sea and as such have a unique ability to work through any system to install, fault find and repair.

We are specialists in the installation of the Stella Watermakers brand, the largest selling Watermakers in Australia and New Zealand. Stella Watermakers manufacture a unique system that is simple to operate and is extremely reliable. The ST Series offer unmatched value for money and has been embraced throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The most recent addition to the Stella Watermakers brand is the ConStellation 380, a new revolution in 12VDC watermaker that has proven to be the most efficient in the world. Producing a whopping 60 litres per hour for just 19 amp current draw, no other watermaker can beat that! It is also the simplest watermaker in the world to operate and maintain.

Sydney Marine Electrical not only service all brands of watermakers, we can also supply and install a watermaker for you, so if you are looking at long range cruising, love taking long showers, or just drinking fresh water from the ocean, then talk to the team at Sydney Marine Electrical and we will work up a solution to suit your needs.

Watermakers for boats are now compact, efficient and so reliable that everyone considering an extended trip should plan to install one.

The fuel saved by not carrying the extra weight of water could easily recoup the initial investment, and there is the benefit of not being tied to the capacity of your tanks. But the range of options is extensive, so here’s the low-down.

Although they’re commonly called marine watermakers, the more correct term is a marine desalinator. These units remove the salt from seawater and produce drinkable water. Most cruising boats built after 2000 will have a water maker installed, and thanks to reducing costs and size, retrofitting a boat desalinator one on a coastal boat has become a viable option.

Although a boat desalinator does not replace a freshwater tank, a watermaker does allow for a marked reduction in the size of a boat’s primary water tank and all going well, a luxury many people will enjoy — endless showers.

There are a number of reputable manufacturers of watermakers suitable for marine installations. The first decision is which power system to use. Although power consumptions vary depending on model, electrical units seem to use somewhere between 10 and 20 watts per litre. So a 250lt/h marine watermaker unit may draw around 10amp at 220V; a smaller 12V unit is likely to produce somewhere around 30lt/h and draw in the order of 20amp.

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