From small wiring repairs to complete vessel fit outs, Sydney Marine Electrical has grown into one of the most trusted names in electrical services across Sydney’s marinas. Our team guarantees honest, reliable and cost effective services to the highest standard. Our staff have over twenty years combined experience working for the Navy on the latest in marine technology. These skills and processes are now being implemented on recreational and commercial marine projects and are achieving great results.

Meet Our Team

Marine Engineer/Electrician

Wade has over 15 years experience in the marine electronics and electrical industry including completed and competent in Electrical engineering and electrical technology systems. He also has his certificates in electronics. Wades attention to detail and passion for electronics and boats make him a valuable asset to Sydney Marine Electrical.

Marine Electrician

Troy has been with Sydney Marine Electrical for 6 years, Troys fault finding experience makes him a highly valuable asset to Sydney Marine electrical. His fault finding way of thinking on electrical faults has made him decode the hardest faults in Australia. Troy has a passion for Marine boats.


Samantha’s commitment to Sydney Marine electrical is outstanding. Samantha looks after the accounts and the general enquiries for the business. Samantha’s commitment is shown in by all the positive emails sent back to the manager of SME

Marine Electrician

Harrison has been with Sydney Marine Electrical for 2.5 years. Harrison’s passion for electronics and marine vessels is shown in his late night activities fault finding vessels and designing new ways of implementing our core products to our vessels we maintain.

Marine Electrician

James is a highly motivated and well coordinated person. James is responsible for parts pick up and delivery to site and assisting in installations. James tireless work ethic means he is on the move between vessels each day starting early and finishing late

Marine Electrician

Gregs Naval experience in electrical and mechanic aspects has adapted perfectly to Sydney Marine Electrical, Greg is competent in all tasks from complete Docking master installs to Bilge pump rewires.

Greg loves a chat so make sure you talk to him next time he is onboard your vessel

Warehouse Manager

Tony is with Sydney marine Electrical on a part time basis. Tony is responsible for ordering and sending parts as required. Tony is Great for sydney marine electrical as he loves Fishing and boats.


Jenny is on the run day to day. Jenny is responsible for our sales division Sydney marine electrical has exclusive rights to Australia and New Zealand for various products.

Jenny’s experience in sales is incredibible. Jenny’s partner also loves boats which is great.

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