“Some boats have electronic products that are often poorly installed or use sub-standard electrical circuits. This can have serious consequences including chronic battery drain, frequent system faults, or even precipitate electrolysis and fires. A regular Electrical Survey is essential.”

Electrical Surveys

The boat’s electrical system is usually the most important system on board but is often the least understood. Sydney Marine Electrical performs electrical surveys that provide a comprehensive review of a vessel’s electrical system and helps the boat owner to understand the interaction of all the components.

As part of the boat’s electrical survey all electrical marine systems are traced and inspected. Design and quality of installation will be addressed along with recommendations for modification and improvement.

A yearly check for charter vessels is required for AMSA requirements. Our certified marine electricians will also examine and inspect for applicable standards compliance.

Electrical Checklist:

Our electrical surveys examine the external condition of the wiring, connections and system installations. We usually examine what is visible without removing any equipment. As part of our survey we examine the electrical aspects of all the following components:

  • Bilge pumps and water pumps
  • Switches
  • Generators
  • Starters / Alternators
  • Power Inverters and converters
  • AC and DC electrical systems
  • Battery systems and chargers
  • Control panels
  • Alarm panels

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