“When water comes into the boat, you want to be able to send it back out – quickly. You ideally want a bilge pump to discharge the water faster than it is coming in! Talk to Sydney Marine Electrical about the service, supply and repair of your Bilge Pump.”

Bilge Pumps

A bilge pump is something you hope you never need. But in an emergency, it could be the most critical piece of safety equipment that saves your boat from capsizing and your boat’s occupants from drowning.

It is important to maintain your boat’s bilge pump on a regular basis. Don’t let it be a case of out-of-sight, out-of-mind. A regular check of your bilge pump to check that it is in good working order reduces the risk of problems when you need it most. Many boats have sunk simply because the Bilge Pump had not been in good working order… a simple inexpensive check and service would have prevented these costly mistakes.

A bilge pump needs protection from ingesting foreign material that can cause a blockage. A screen built into the body or a strainer keeps any rubbish and material out of the bilge pump. Clean the screen of any foreign matter. If your float switch is protected by a screen box, clean the box. Remove any bilge water as it may contain oil, fuel and chemicals. Check all hoses and connections. Test each of your bilge pumps, first in manual and then in automatic mode or contact Sydney Marine Electrical for a twice yearly check.

Service Checklist

  • Bilge Pump/s servicing
  • Check Fuse Holders
  • Float Switch check
  • Discharge hose clean / replace
  • Through-hull fitting to attach the hose
  • 12-volt battery check
  • Marine cable check
  • Cable ties check
  • Heat shrink check

Marine Water Systems

On all boats larger than runabouts and daysailers, both hot and cold fresh water on board is both a convenience and a necessity. The freshwater pump is at the heart of the delivery system that ensures a constant supply to the fixtures in galley, head and shower. Sydney Marine Electrical can service, supply, repair and install all freshwater pumps.

We are fully licenced to carry out any electrical repairs that may be required and we inform all our clients via email when the job is done and contact them immediately if there are any concerns.

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