“A marine alternator and regulator is an ideal way of charging your battery banks while the main engine is running. Contact Sydney Marine Electrical if you are thinking of installing a Smart Regulator.”

Marine Smart Regulators

Smart Regulators ensure perfect voltage when charging to any type of battery including Lithium, A.G.M., Gel, Carbon Foam and Lead Acid.

The benefits of installing a smart regulator in your boat is plentiful. Smart regulators modify the charging voltage in order to meet the conditions, the technology, and the ambient temperature of big marine battery banks. This makes sure that the batteries charge safely and quickly.

Smart regulators are a smart choice because they begin the starting process with a user-adjustable start delay. Why is this smart? It is smart because it allows the belts and engine to warm up before the alternator employs the horsepower to the system. Gently, the regulator then picks up to bulk charging voltage.

Smart Regulator Features

To get the best performance from your smart regulator we suggest a range 3 step, or smart alternator regulator to control the alternators voltage and ensure a fast and reliable charge.

Furthermore, alternator regulators are fitted with voltage sensing, to ensure the battery receives the correct charging voltage regardless of any losses in the system, and automatic temperature compensation, to continually change the charge voltage with respect to temperature. This will ensure you neither undercharge and sulphate your battery, or overcharge and gas it.

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