iSAT TV Range

The iSAT TV range is the new benchmark in Australia and New Zealand for satellite TV.

The range of iSAT TV domes can be custom fitted to any recreational or commercial vessel. iSAT TV comes with a WIFI programmable antenna control unit, each unit can have an auto skewed LNB or fixed LNB. The dome’s use an Australian certified LNB.

iSAT TV I28 – I60

With plug and play operation each iSAT TV dome is suitable for boats from 25 ft to 200 ft. Each iSAT TV is setup in-house in Australia and ready for installation straight out of the box.

iSAT domes are:

  • Fully stabilised
  • Silent stabilised rotational control
  • WIFI programmable
  • Low noise
  • High definition picture ready
  • GPS receiver
  • LED indicator panel
  • 10.7 LNB to suit Foxtel and Vast Services
  • Low power consumption

With a fast expanding network of TV coverage iSAT TV will give you fast high definition quality TV reception.


The coverage of the iSAT TV I80 dome is highlighted on the map.