Control and monitor your boats systems remotely including alarms, water leakage, batteries, refrigeration, intruders, temperature and more.

Just about any item on-board can be customised and then activated from your smart phone. i-Boat suits all vessels and has a voltage range from 9-32 volts DC.

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The iBOAT has been designed in Australia by an Australian engineer. iBOAT uses Australia’s largest network for its coverage.

I boat can be programmed for one feature or many features including:

  • Loss of shore power alarm
    – iBOAT sends a text message notification if your power has been disconnected from your vessel.
    – Largely used to prevent onboard batteries from going flat whilst you are not there.
    – It also identifies if your freezers have no power so your perishables and frozen items need to be re chilled or refrozen.
  • Intruder alarm
    – Text message notification that you have an intruder onboard
    – Connect to a already installed alarm system or set up iBOAT as an alarm system
  • Hi level bilge alarm
    – text message notification when water has reached a level in your vessel that you wish to be notified at.
  • For mooring vessels and vessels at the marina.
    – A water detector can be installed in any compartment. Once water has activated the detector, iBOAT will send you a text message notification.
  • Low battery alarm
    – track for low battery voltage onboard, iBOAT will send you a text message when your onboard batteries reach a critical low voltage
  • You can also use iBOAT to activate items onboard your vessel via the sending of a text message from your mobile phone.

System Activation

Some of the systems you can activate are:

  • Alarm systems
  • Siren/strobe
  • Electric Doors
  • Lights and Fans
  • Cameras
  • Air Conditioners
  • Water Pumps
  • …and more!

Just about any electronic item on board your vessel can be customised and activated from your mobile phone. Some owners wish to turn the air conditioning on before they arrive onboard.

iBOAT suits all vessels. iBOAT is multi voltage ranging from 9-32 volts DC.