Bow and Stern Thruster Packages

Sydney Marine Electrical custom fits all combinations of thruster packages.

Ranging between. DC to hydraulic to Jet thrusters. From fixed thrusters to retractable thrusters.

We install from beginning to end including design- fit out- testing and quality assurance.


If only he had installed a Bow Thruster!

Bow and stern thrusters have become an important device for ease of docking in tight spaces and moving at low speed. Become a docking pro with our Craftsman Marine Thruster Package.

It makes manoeuvring easier, safer and quicker. The propeller, which is made of maintenance free synthetic material, can run in two directions, thus producing a jet flow to port or starboard. Each propeller is designed to achieve maximum thrust in a small tunnel diameter. This makes manoeuvring in tight spots against a strong current or a shifty wind much easier. Craftsman Marine is the top choice when it comes to thruster technology.

Craftsman Marine Thruster features include:

  • Protection cover for electrical components.
  • Easy accessible battery connection terminals.
  • Waterproof and latch lock connector for the control panel.
  • A 100% guaranteed connection also in case of vibrations.
  • Motor temperature protection switch.
  • 5A circuit breaker for the control panel.
  • Brass tail piece.
  • Replaceable zinc or aluminium anode.
  • Flexible coupling to absorb vibrations.
  • 1mm and 2mm gasket to center the propeller inside the tunnel.
  • FAN for extra cooling