“Quite often marine windscreen wipers and motors are overlooked and neglected because, quite frankly, most boaties generally only use their boat on sunny days. This is fine until the day when you’re caught in a sudden storm and your wipers fail. Contact Sydney Marine Electrical for a wiper test and service before this happens to you.”

Marine Wiper Systems

When choosing the right high-performance marine windscreen wiper system for your boat talk to Sydney Marine Electrical. We can service, repair or install a new marine wiper system based on the window dimensions and the area of the window that needs to be cleared. Many factors come into play when choosing the right equipment. These include: Type of vessel and the conditions the equipment will be used in, the motor mounting location and style of wiper. Don’t leave it to guesswork, ask the experts.

When you’re selecting a wiper arm and motor, it’s not all about good, better and best. It isn’t always easy to anticipate which grade of wiper will make the most sense for your particular use. You’ll need sturdier wiper arms on larger glass due to the long arms and blades which produce greater stress on the pivot connectors and tension springs.

Marine Wiper Motors

When you’re on the open sea or waterway, the elements will present themselves in the form of flies, bugs, birds and all manner of creepy crawlies – not to mention water hitting your boats windscreen. Over time your boat windscreen wiper motor takes an absolute beating and like any other mechanical or electrical component/item, it has a life span and your boat wiper motor will eventually stop working. Boat owners rely on their boat windscreen wiper motors to help them navigate and see clearly – so a good quality boat wiper motor is an absolute necessity.

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