“Sydney Marine Electrical carry out yearly fire system checks to ensure each vessels fire fighting equipment is working correctly. We also supply and install some of the leading brands of fire safety marine systems such as Sea-Fire and Firebouy.”

Fire Regulations

All NSW regulated ships and boats over 5m in length must carry firefighting equipment that can extinguish a fire quickly and effectively.

You should purchase all firefighting equipment, like fire blankets and extinguishers, from an authorised dealer who can work out the best type for your needs. Fire extinguishers must be serviced by the manufacturer or an authorised agent before their expiry dates.

If any firefighting equipment is unusable, you must replace it.

A portable fire extinguisher (PFE) which has a manufacture stamp of more than 5 years prior, under Australian Standards must be hydrostatic pressure tested by an approved tester. Due to the cost and time associated with this process most commonly the PFE would be simply replaced.

Depending on the type and class of boat, other firefighting equipment like alarms, communication systems, fire pumps, hydrants and hoses may also be required.

Service Checklist

  • Annual survey of fire fighting equipment
  • Hydro testing and refilling of cylinders
  • Analysis and replacement of fire fighting foam
  • Inspection, testing and filling of breathing apparatus and escape sets
  • Refilling of all types of fire fighting equipment
  • Service of BA cylinders and Apparatus
  • Service of all types of fire fighting or suppression systems
  • Service of portable fire extinguishers

We have the accreditations and in-house expertise to comprehensively survey, test, inspect and service marine fire and safety equipment. We are also fully licenced to carry out any electrical repairs that may be required and we inform all our clients via email when the job is done and contact them immediately if there are any concerns.

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