“Bonding and Electrolysis is the process of corrosion causing current that travels between vessels at a marina using a common shore power connection. An Electrolysis Blocker blocks the damaging current and effectively extends the life of your boat’s metal parts.”

Electrolysis Blocker

Vessels in a marina are interconnected via a common shore earth which carries low voltage DC current between them and the marina. This DC current is passed through the metal hull fittings in to the water where it is free to contribute to galvanic corrosion. The result is more rapid consumption of anodes and then damage to unprotected submerged metal parts. An Electrolysis Blocker blocks the damaging DC current and maintains effective AC earth capability.

Electrolysis Blockers must be installed by a licenced Electrician. Sydney Marine Electrical will install or test your system for performance and/or fault conditions by one of our qualified electricians using a specialised marine multimeter.

Shaft Grounding Straps

Sydney Marine Electrical service and install Shaft Ground­ing Straps which elec­tri­cally con­nects a ves­sels drive shafts to the Ves­sel Bond­ing Sys­tem and fur­ther reduces the inci­dence of gal­vanic cor­ro­sion on expen­sive metal drive parts.

Mad­dox Anodes

Mad­dox anodes effec­tively pro­tect bronze and stain­less steel parts on fibre­glass and wooden ves­sels by cre­at­ing a more neu­tral envi­ron­ment in the water around the metal to be protected. Contact Sydney Marine Electrical for more information.

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