“A reliable anchor winch is important for the safety of your boat. Ensure fast, stress-free anchor retrieval with a regular service or check up or brand new install. Contact Sydney Marine Electrical for information about the latest automatic winch systems available today.”

Winch Systems

It’s worth making sure you choose the right anchor winch to meet your needs or servicing the one you have, you don’t want to run aground because your anchor winch malfunctions at a critical moment or wake up listing on a beach somewhere. The winch experts at Sydney Marine Electrical can assist you in your selection, fitting and service of your winch.

We perform maintenance, servicing and replacements of all types of anchor winches, including drum and electric drum systems. Our team has the expertise, experience and equipment to make sure you can rely on your anchor retrieval system to do its job.

Anchor Winches

As Sydney’s leading experts on anchor winch products, we offer a range of user-friendly electric drum anchor winches. We can also supply a range of anchor system products, including:

  • Bowsprits
  • Anchors and Anchor Swivels
  • Hawse pipes
  • Ropes
  • Chains
  • Chain Guards

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